7 reasons why you should redesign your website

7 reasons why you should redesign your website

Let's put the excuses away, we all love to visit a well-designed website, which uses the right colors, is easy to navigate and easy to find what we are looking for.

Unfortunately, not all websites are like this. Most of them were designed many years ago, so when we visit them today it is like seeing an old abandoned car, with bad painting and almost all of its accesories lost.

Lets see this chart:

web stats


As you can see, most of the users that visit our website are going to make a judgement about your company based in what they see in your website. This is why it is so important to have a website with a fresh design and up-to-date content. Here you can find the 7 reasons you should redesign your website:

[blocknumber type="circle" text="01" color="#FFF" background="#F15D22"]To make it mobile friendly. The use of the mobile devices as smartphones and tablets have greatly increased, most of the people now uses mobile devices to surf the web. If your website is redesing to be accesible from this devices, you would have bigger chances to convince your customer that you are a good choice for business.[/blocknumber]

[blocknumber type="circle" text="02" color="#FFF" background="#F15D22"]To incorporate social media. If your website do not have connection to social media as Facebook and Twitter, then it is like your are still in stone age. Modern websites have at least connections to your social media profiles or even better if it allows users to share content. Redesigning your website and incorporating social media connections will increase the chances that more people get to know your business.[/blocknumber]

[blocknumber type="circle" text="03" color="#FFF" background="#F15D22"]To add new functionality. If you are thinking on adding a blog or allowing your product to be sold online, then a website redesign should be on your mind as well. In this way, the new functionality is not going to be seem as part of a second thought.[/blocknumber]

[blocknumber type="circle" text="04" color="#FFF" background="#F15D22"]To improve usability If your customer cannot find what they are looking for in your website, they will leave as soon as possible. To improve usability in a web redesign is an important task in order to improve the user experience.[/blocknumber]

[blocknumber type="circle" text="05" color="#FFF" background="#F15D22"]To incorporate rebranding. If you business have been in a rebranding process, for sure you need to add these changes in your website. It is possible that you should no only need to change the logo and colors, but the website content too.[/blocknumber]

[blocknumber type="circle" text="06" color="#FFF" background="#F15D22"]To keep it up-to-date. New web development technologies and web design trends have appeared in the last years. Something that might looked nice some years ago, may look old today. It is a good idea to keep your website up-to-date with the latest trends and take advantage over your competitors.[/blocknumber]

[blocknumber type="circle" text="07" color="#FFF" background="#F15D22"]To shake things up. It happens to all of us... sometimes we need a change of look to make things better. If you are tired of seeing the same thing in your website and you think customers are not feeling attracted to your website, it is a good idea to start thinking in redesigning.[/blocknumber]

A redesign requires budget and time, but we are sure that the results are going to be evidents when you start seeing more visitors, doing what you intend from your website and having a great impression of your business.

Mauricio Peraza

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