Responsive Design: techniques that make your website look great on any device

Responsive Design: techniques that make your website look great on any device

We all know that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are here to stay.

This has revolutionized the way websites are designed, since it is not the same to see a website from a desktop computer than from a mobile or tablet. This is because the sizes of the screens of these devices are very different.

There is technique that takes care of this problem, it is called responsive design. The responsive design achieves that websites fit with elegance to desktops, tablet and smartphones screens.

diseno responsivo ejemplo

Let's see some reasons why it is good to have a responsive design:

[blocknumber type="circle" text="01" color="#FFF" background="#F15D22"]Improves the user experience: when an user visits your website from a tablet or smartphone, and notice it has a responsive design, he will have a better experience navigating it and finding what he wants. This user will have a better opinion of your website and your business as well.[/blocknumber]

[blocknumber type="circle" text="02" color="#FFF" background="#F15D22"]No more duplicate content: most of us have seen that when we enter a website from our smartphone, we are redirect from a to a url. This is problem because for Google and many other search engines this website has duplicate content. This is penalized giving your website less score in their rankings. The responsive design is not two different website, is the same website but it layout adjust nicely to any device screen.[/blocknumber]

[blocknumber type="circle" text="03" color="#FFF" background="#F15D22"]Reduce the cost of developing and maintaining the website: When investing in only one website that adapts to different browsers, you are reducing development costs since they are not developing different sites as in the previous example. The same goes for maintenance, because any change that needs to be done on the website, you only do it once.[/blocknumber]

[blocknumber type="circle" text="04" color="#FFF" background="#F15D22"]Increases the chances of being shared: a recent study says that 70% of people use social networks from mobile device. If so, if the user comes to your website from social networks, surely has will have social networking applications available that will allow him to share your content more quickly and naturally in social networks.[/blocknumber]

For these and many other reasons, we will always suggest that every new website development has to be responsive. Moreover, in Web-On Digital this is not discussed, every new project is going to be responsive by default.

+Mauricio Peraza

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